About Us

Our History

Angus Meats, founded by trained butchers, is a family-run wholesale meat supply business that has operated for more than 40 years now. Members of the family still run it and maintain its enviable reputation.

Over two generations, the company has expanded by entering the wholesale market as opposed to developing a large chain of retail outlets. The expansion has been rigidly controlled, with unrelenting attention to the monitoring of quality. The latest processes to ensure hygiene and high-quality meat product testing are continuously being updated. Angus Meats factory in Christchurch meets exports standards, has its own customised Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety programme place and is halal certified.
Angus Meats has been the trusted supplier to a range of institutions including hospitals and rest homes, universities and schools, as well as cafes and restaurants. The product meets the requirements of a large group of consumers who are very vulnerable to heath issues (the elderly and unwell) as well as the high standards and specific demands of good quality restaurants.

With its own product development team and consultant advisory chefs, Angus Meats has experience in developing specific cuts and unique products to order.

The company welcomes the chance to discuss requests for customised products.

Our Products

Angus Meats processes only New Zealand grown, export-standard beef; lamb; pork; bacon and ham; chicken; venison; and smallgoods. All stock is naturally bred, reared and fed on open pasture. Angus Meats does not process cage-reared pigs. All beef lamb and pork can be traced back to the grower.

The ‘flagship’ product is pasture-raised Angus, or Angus-Hereford cross, purchased locally from a selection of preferred breeders, through the company’s own buyer. Only prime cattle within a certain weight range are procured and the beef is pH tested for flavour and tenderness then cut, shaped and aged. All products are vacuum packed and dated, and delivered daily by Angus Meats own refrigerated vehicles. Angus Meats welcomes the chance to discuss requests for customised products.